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Service and Outreach

There are numerous opportunities for our parishioners to serve the people of our parish and the greater community. If you would like to participate in or volunteer for one of our Service and Outreach Ministries, we encourage you to contact the chairperson of that ministry so that they can follow up with you and share information about that ministry.

Catholic Charities of Buffalo

Catholic Charities of Buffalo has been protecting, strengthening, and empowering the people of Western New York since 1923. Today, it offers the most comprehensive services of any human service organization serving all eight counties of Western New York. St. Martin de Porres has a team of volunteers who coordinate the parish members donations to the annual Catholic Charities of Buffalo appeal.


The Catholic Charities Appeal Team is coordinated by Lori Alford and Paulette Lindsay.


Compassion Ministry

Members of the Compassion Ministries attend to the spiritual and social needs of the sick and homebound. The committee provides motivation and inspiration through visits, calls, prayers, and smiles.


For more information, contact Joyce Menifee at the Parish Office, at (716) 883-7729, or email her at

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Evangelization Committee

Evangelization means to fulfill the missionary mandate of Jesus Christ, who commanded us to “Go and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:18). The transmission of the Christian faith consists primarily in proclaiming Jesus Christ in order to lead others to faith in him. This ministry’s goal is to bring people to Christ by inviting them to witness Christ through the St. Martin de Porres faith community.  The Evangelization Committee also works to reconnect with absent parishioners by reaching out to them and inviting them to return to their church home.

For more information, contact Maureen Satchell at (716) 860-8452.


Media & Communications Ministry

The Media & Communications Ministry assists our parish to effectively communicate the parish’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values, as well as promote the parish through a variety of platforms to best connect with parishioners, nearby residents, community stakeholders, and funders or donors.


For more information, contact Terry Alford at (716) 435-0258, or email

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National Black Catholic Congress

The National Black Catholic Congress is an organization of African American Roman Catholics, founded in 1889 by Daniel Rudd as the Colored Catholic Congress, and revived in the 1980s under its current name. Their symbol is the Acacia. Their mission is to improve and enrich the lives of African American Catholics. The National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) operates in close cooperation and coordination with the African American Bishops of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


For more information about the organization, go online to

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Office of Cultural Diversity - Diocese of Buffalo

The Office of Cultural Diversity is committed to serve and address the pastoral and spiritual needs of the various cultural communities of the Diocese of Buffalo. We are focused on bridging the gap between those in the mainstream culture and those who feel marginalized from the church because of ethnic or cultural division. For the calendar of events, please go here.

Image by Shane Rounce


“Racial Healing One Heart and One Mind at a Time”

#Onebody's mission is racial reconciliation, by changing one heart and one mind at a time.  #Onebody was thoughtfully created in 2016 in response to the civil unrest and pyramid of protest around race in America. #Onebody holds racial healing circles.  Embodied in the name #Onebody is our calling to come together in unity to heal the Body of Christ.

For more information and meeting day/time, contact Dr. Marianne Partee at or Althea Porter at


Summer Lunch Distributions

With the help of a team of volunteers, St. Martin de Porres is able to be a site for the City of Buffalo Free Summer Lunch Program.


The Summer Lunch Program is coordinated by Lanette Jennings and Joyce Davis.

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