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Catholic Charities Appeal 2021

HOPE for All Seasons

Catholic Charities Appeal 2021

The Catholic Charities Appeal has started. Catholic Charities has helped over 150,000 persons last year in all 8 counties of WNY. Catholic Charities helps at all stages of life. Locally, Catholic Charities impacts our young adults with workforce development programs and helps persons in need with food pantries and emergency assistance. Catholic Charities also provides substance abuse and mental health counseling. Catholic Charities assists seniors with outreach programs. Catholic Charities Fund for the Faith serves our Evangelization mission. As we all struggle with the Covid 19 pandemic we ask you to consider helping our neighbors during this difficult time. Call Catholic Charities if you are in need at 716-218-1419.

Why Catholic Charities?

Our gifts directly help our neighbors. Catholic Charities partners with other organizations to make each dollar stretch further. Catholic Charities helps children, adults, families and seniors. Fund for the Faith helps us to spread the good word.

What are our goals?

Our goal for St. Martin de Porres is 7,700 dollars.

Overall Appeal goal is 10 million dollars

How can I contribute?

Donate online at the Catholic Charities web site

Donate thru the mail using your pledge card

Drop off donations at St. Martin de Porres

Thank you for your generosity!

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