Mass Reopening Procedures

Procedures for Masses at St. Martin de Porres Church

Beginning July 26, 2020, Sunday Masses resume at St. Martin de Porres Church at 10:30 AM.  Masses will be offered in accordance with Diocesan requirements that services meet public health safety standards and maintain the six-feet social distancing requirement throughout Mass. To ensure the safety of everyone in attendance, we must limit the number of people who can attend Mass in the church. A sign-up process has been established to monitor the number of people who will be in attendance. Please click here to be directed to our registration page or call the church office at 716-883-7729 no later than 2pm of the Thursday preceding the weekend Mass you're looking to attend. 
Please remain home if you are sick, have a temperature above normal, are at risk in age or medical conditions, or if you are uncomfortable or afraid to return at this time.

The Dispensation of the Obligation to attend Mass in person is still in force until further notice. St. Martin de Porres will continue to offer Mass via Zoom on Sundays at 9:00 AM and Monday through Thursdays at noon.

If you do plan to come to Mass at the church, please follow these procedures:


  • Enter the church through the main door on Northampton St. The door near the parking lot will not be open. 

  • Parishioners and children 2 years or older must wear masks. Please bring your own masks and be prepared to wear them throughout the Mass.

  • Temperature checks will be taken at the door for each person entering the church building. If your temperature is above the CDC benchmark of 100.4 degrees fahrenheit, you will be asked to consult with a member of the Parish Health Team on site.

  • Hand sanitizer will be dispensed by ushers via spray to each person before they enter the church sanctuary.

  • Offering baskets will be available at the rear of the church. Please place your offering in the basket as you enter and/or leave the building. Or, give online at

  • Restricted Seating – Because we are only allowed up to 25% occupancy capacity and still maintain six-feet social distancing, an usher will direct you to your seat. Diocesan guidelines require seating people beginning with the front pews and continuing to the back. Please follow the ushers’ directions.  Arrangements have been made to accommodate parishioners who are mobility impaired or have other special needs.

  • Movement during Mass - In order to maintain proper social distancing, we ask you to refrain from leaving your seat during Mass. Parents are asked to accompany young children to restrooms.

  • Foot traffic in aisles is one-way only. Please follow the direction of the ushers regarding moving in the church. 

  • Reception of Communion.  Reception of Communion will be by section and row. Please follow the direction of the ushers.

  • Communion will only be distributed in the hand. No gloves permitted when receiving Holy Communion.

  • Dismissal will be by section and row through the main doors. Please wait until you are dismissed and follow the direction of the ushers. Please use good public health safety practice when you exit the church by continuing to observe social distancing and not congregating.

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